A Pragmatic Solution Available Today

It is abundantly clear that one of the root causes of the problem of excessive hospital readmissions has to do with inadequate sharing of information and communications between providers, leading to poor care coordination/care transitions and patient non-compliance with provider discharge instructions. Fortunately, a solution is available now.

LeanVista has developed a solution called CareTran™. CareTran™ directly attacks and solves the root cause of excessive hospital readmission by facilitating the proper sharing of information and coordination between acute-care providers, follow-on providers, and patients themselves. CareTran™ accomplishes the following through state-of-the-art technology and clinically advanced process automation:

  • Manages improved discharge activities from the inpatient setting to any point of care
  • Supports enhanced patient and care giver education and discharge instruction, including specific instructions on chronic conditions and medications
  • Enables care coordination with primary care and medical home as well as all other care providers and community resources
  • Supports coaching and system navigation by care team to encourage self-management and engage patient in follow up appointments

Additionally, CareTran™ implements:

  • Admission notification and risk assessment
  • Discharge planning and capture of medication reconciliation
  • Discharge summary and materials provision
  • Discharge notification and task assignments
  • Follow up calls and/or visits
  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Stores discharge checklists
  • HIPAA-compliant encrypted PHI storage, email and FAX communications
  • And so much more…

CareTran™ is completely configurable and supports the leading care coordination models.